Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for Pets at Dr. Vet Animal Hospital

Why Choose MRI for Your Furry Friend?

Cutting-edge Technology: MRI is at the forefront of veterinary imaging, offering unparalleled views of your pet’s internal structures.

Unmatched Precision: Ideal for diagnosing conditions of the brain and spinal cord, MRI outshines other techniques in accuracy.

Non-Invasive Diagnosis: From tracking nerve fibers to identifying tumors, MRI provides a deep dive without the need for biopsies.

Is MRI Safe for Pets?

Completely Non-Invasive: Utilizes magnets and radio waves, ensuring a safe experience without ionizing radiation.

Pain-Free Procedure: Your pet feels no discomfort, making MRI a worry-free choice for pet parents.

Preparing Your Pet for MRI

Fast Before the Test: Ensure no food is given 12 hours before the MRI to prepare for anesthesia.

Anesthesia Care: Our skilled team ensures your pet’s safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

On the Day of the Procedure

Arrival at Dr. Vet: Our friendly team welcomes your pet and addresses any questions.

Procedure Duration: While MRI times vary, we prioritize your pet’s care and keep you informed.

Aftercare Love: Post-MRI, your pet relaxes in a cozy recovery area, ready to go home once fully awake. Detailed care instructions and a comprehensive report await you at pickup.

Benefits of Choosing MRI with Dr. Vet

Crystal-Clear Images: Provides a detailed look inside, catching issues early.

Precise Evaluations: Pinpoints the exact nature of problems for effective treatment.

Early Detection & Treatment: Identifies issues promptly, allowing for timely intervention.

Dr. Vet Animal Hospital: Where Cutting-Edge Care Meets Compassion.

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