General Consultation

Tailored Advice for Your Pet’s Health:

At Dr.Vet, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional general consultation services for your beloved pets. Our team of highly skilled veterinary surgeons are committed to providing comprehensive diagnoses and treatments tailored to your pet’s specific needs. We understand the importance of clear communication, and our veterinarians are committed to offering accurate and proper information about your pet’s condition and treatment process.

During a general consultation, our veterinarians offer expert advice and address any concerns you might have about your pet’s health, diet, exercise, and more. It’s an opportunity to ensure your pet’s well-being is fully supported.

Early Detection:A Cornerstone of Pet Health at Dr. Vet

At Dr. Vet Animal Hospital, we understand the critical role early detection plays in the health and longevity of your pets. Identifying health issues before they become serious is key to successful treatment and, in many cases, can cure ailments that might otherwise have long-term consequences. Our comprehensive laboratory services are designed to provide a detailed overview of your pet’s health, enabling us to detect any abnormalities early and take proactive steps to address them.

Our Comprehensive Laboratory Services Include:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): This test offers a detailed view of your pet's overall health, detecting abnormalities such as anemia, infection, and more.
  • Blood Chemistry Panel: Evaluates organ function, electrolyte levels, and screens for underlying health conditions.
  • Urinalysis: Essential for assessing kidney function and detecting urinary tract infections and other urinary system disorders.
  • Fecal Testing:Identifies parasitic infections or gastrointestinal problems affecting your pet's health.
  • Cytology:Allows for the examination of cells to diagnose and monitor conditions like tumors, infections, and inflammatory diseases.
  • Thyroid Testing:Checks the function of your pet's thyroid gland, identifying any hormonal imbalances.
  • Parasite Infestation Checks:Ensures your pet is free from internal and external parasites, contributing to their overall well-being.

Each of these tests plays a vital role in our early detection efforts, ensuring we can provide the best possible care for your beloved pets.