Emergency and Critical Care

Our Emergency and Critical Care unit is staffed by a team of highly skilled veterinarians, nurses, and technicians who are not only talented but also deeply compassionate. They are experts in devising and executing complex treatment plans for the most challenging medical scenarios. Our team excels in managing emergencies with efficiency and speed, all while providing compassionate care for our cherished animal patients.

What to Do in an Emergency

When an emergency strikes, it's crucial to stay calm and act swiftly. We're here to support you every step of the way. Here's how to proceed if you believe your pet is in an emergency:

  • Stay Calm: Your calmness can positively influence your pet's stress levels.
  • Contact Us Immediately: Time is of the essence! Reach out to us without delay on +971 (2) 412-6555, and for pet emergencies after 9 PM call +971 50 509-7215 for assistance.
  • Handle With Care: Your pet may be scared and in pain. Move them gently to avoid further distress.
  • Secure Transportation: For cats, use a carrier to prevent escape or injury. Dogs should be leashed and, if possible, placed in a harness to ensure their safety during transport.
  • Gather Important Information: If your pet has ingested something dangerous, try to note the substance, amount, and timing. Bringing the packaging or a photo of it can be incredibly helpful.

Our Emergency Service Commitment

Our emergency team stands ready 24/7, equipped to provide top-notch, continuous emergency care. We pride ourselves on our dedication to being there for you and your pet in any situation. Trust in our commitment to offer immediate assistance, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care when it matters most.