A Safe Bet for Your Pet:

Microchipping is a simple yet revolutionary procedure that offers peace of mind by ensuring your pet can always be identified. This tiny device, no larger than a grain of rice, is safely implanted into your pet’s neck. The microchip harbors a unique identification number that is permanently linked to your contact information in our secure clinic database and any other registry you choose, including municipal databases.

In the event your pet is lost, any individual or facility that finds them can use a special scanner to detect the microchip and access this unique ID. This crucial step facilitates a swift reunion between you and your pet, as the finder can easily reach out to us or other entities that hold your updated contact information. We prioritize your privacy and assure you that your personal details are never shared without your explicit permission.

Microchipping is not only essential for identification but also serves as proof of your pet’s vaccinations, especially important for travel or relocation.